Dream Readings

Dream interpretation has always held a fascination for me. Only in our dreams can we do things that we physically cannot do in real life. But some dreams can be disconcerting, frightening, frustrating and downright inconsiderate at times. Yes, inconsiderate. I'm sure most of us have awakened from a dream where we were having a wonderful time--probably doing something that we can only dream of doing--only to be jolted back into the monotony of our everyday lives. How rude!

Many of the dreams we have are just baffling. Our dreams don't think, or present in easy to relate to images. It takes everything that's been going on in our lives and basically processes them in a blender. What we end up with is a jumbled coalesce of what appears to be incomprehensible data.

During my spiritual awakening, I had many, many dreams. The imagery had nothing to do with my life . . . or so I thought. I started studying my dreams as a way to help myself with the life situations that I was dealing with--and discovered that there was a lot more meaning behind the imagery in my dreams, than I ever realized. To this day, I use dream interpretation whenever I find myself dealing with a new situation (and sometimes an old situation that presents in a new way) that I can't find an easy answer for.

Our dreams are our gateway to the answers we already hold the answers to inside us. We just need to understand what our mind is trying to tell us. Learning to interpret your own dreams can help you guide yourself down the path you wish to follow. 

That's why I will help anyone (yes, for free) who asks for a dream interpretation. 
I would like to help you. 
All you need to do is ask.  

You can post your dream below or send an email to Tia

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