Double Delights, by CK Stone

Double Delights
By C.K.Stone

Ever since meeting my wife Colleen, my life has been an interesting one.
Recently, she invited her best friend, Laura, over for dinner the night before I shipped out to Iraq.  Laura’s husband, Steve, was also getting ready to be deployed, but was still away in training for another three weeks and she spent her time, home alone.
The women had been friends since college and had incorporated us men into their easy familiarity.  Many was the Saturday since we had gotten married that each couple had shared beers and barbeque at the other’s home.  All of us were comfortable enough with each other that we shared inside jokes and the kind of shorthand references that made us laugh without having to hear the whole sentence.  One of our inside jokes was about the size of Laura’s chest.  I mentioned “headlights” and Steve said, “Except for Laura’s; as big as hers are, they would be ‘D’ Lights.”  At that Laura got a little indignant and said, “Mine?  Why, I will have you know, Colleen may have 'D'-lights, but mine are double 'D'-lights.”  And she has had double "D"-lights ever since.
It was after dinner and I was sitting on the sofa in the living room, listening to the clatter of the dishes being cleaned.  Music was playing and I had my eyes closed, I felt someone move behind me while the other continued to deal with the dishes in the kitchen.  Hands started rubbing my neck and warm breath sighed into my ear.  The hands rubbing my neck slid down inside my collar and tickled across my chest and nipples.  I started to get hard and thought of how I could get Colleen off to the bedroom without offending Laura. I murmured, “Colleen, if you keep that up, you may find yourself getting raped right here in the living room while your friend finishes the dishes.”
Then I felt an extra large pair of breasts pushed against my head and the insistent hands slide all the way down my stomach, Colleen’s voice came from the kitchen, “Doug, if you want to rape me in the living room, you might have to wait a minute till I can get there.”
My eyes flew open as I realized it was Laura who had gotten my rod stiff as a colonel’s salute.  I started to pull away as Colleen walked into the room wearing nothing but a sheer black bandeau bra.  She was also holding an odd doubled-back phallic-looking thing in one hand and a harness of some sort in the other.
“Laura, I can’t believe you haven’t stripped him down yet.”
I looked at Laura who was now dressed only in her thong panties.  Her nipples were hard and tight and her breasts bounced as she crossed the room to Colleen.
Laura kissed her lightly on the cheek.  “Oooh!  I see you found the toys in my bag I was telling you about.”  Taking the toys from my wife, Laura said, "Let me help you with this, then we can start the fun."
Watching these two beautiful nearly-naked women handling sex toys was beyond my everyday fantasies.  My cock maintained its hardness, twitching in anticipation.
Laura took the yellow tubular object and explained. "The catalogue called this a 'feel-doe.'  It's a dildo that you can use as a strap-on where the wearer gets a lot of stimulation from at the same time.  This part goes inside you, while this part snugs up against your clit.  The dildo part sticks out like a hard cock and you use it the same way.  Let me help you into it."  She took the feel-doe and put it between Colleen's legs.  Slowly she slid it up until it was pushing against Colleen's labia, then moving it a little to open her up, Laura gently pushed it into place.  Colleen caught her breath and, holding onto her friend's shoulders, she shivered.
"Mmm," she sighed, "This is certainly off to a very nice start."
Laura finished by sliding the harness into place and fastening it.  "This keeps it from being pulled out or going places you don't want it."
I shook my head in wonder still sitting on the sofa.  What other enjoyments was I going to be privy to tonight?
Colleen gently rubbed the five inch length of the protruding toy and murmured, "This feels really great.  I can feel it on my clit and all the way inside on my G-spot.  I thought Doug was the only one who could find that and do things with it."
“Yummy isn't it.”  Laura purred. “But I bet there is something else that looks pretty yummy too.”   And with that, she walked back over to me and stripped off my shirt, popping buttons across the room.  Colleen traversed the space in three quick strides and straddled my legs.  It was not a typical experience for me with my wife sitting on my legs pushing a bright yellow dildo into my chest and kissing me.  Colleen kissed me, thrusting her tongue deeply into my mouth; Laura tweaked and played with my chest.  I started to rub my hard-on through my pants against my wife’s dildo-filled pussy.
“Laura,” Colleen said. “It seems our soldier is having some equipment problems.  I think we need to help him readjust his load balance.”  She had me stand up, unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down along with my underwear, freeing my now raging erection.
“I know what he needs!” squealed Laura.  Then she ran to the kitchen and returned with one of the chairs we had used at dinner.  It was a basic Windsor-back chair with an open spindle back.  “Doug needs a ring-side seat for the floor show.”  She held the chair while Colleen led me across the room by my hard-on and forced me to sit down.
I thumped into the chair and laughed.  “You ladies are a hell of a surprise tonight.”
Colleen dropped to her knees in front of me, still holding onto my dick.  “Mmm,” she purred. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, mister.”  Then took my cock into her warm, wet mouth.
From behind me, Laura rubbed her large, firm boobs against my head as she played with my chest again.  I relaxed under the hypnotic spell of my wife’s insistent mouth and her best friend’s seductive stroking.  I had only drifted for a moment when I realized that something had draped over my shoulders, then my hands and wrists.  I barely had enough time to open my eyes again before I was efficiently tied up with a silken rope.  
“Now you can relax and enjoy the show.” Colleen said.
“How am I supposed to relax all tied up?”
Laura licked my ear and rubbed her breasts against my shoulder. “Trust us, Doug.”
She slid around the chair and onto my lap.  Facing away from me, she trapped my erect cock against my stomach, between her butt cheeks.  Snuggling back against me, she said, “Now watch and enjoy.”  Then she stood up and held her hand out to Colleen.
Colleen stood up, taking Laura's hand and kissed her.  They shared their passions starting with just a tentative touch of their lips.  Then, more and more confidently they kissed, until their tongues stroked and swirled in a frenzy.  Watching the two women kiss like that my hard-on almost painful.
Colleen’s hands roamed her friend's body, touching and teasing.  She cupped Laura’s large breasts in her hands, and flicked the nipples with her thumbs.
Laura moaned and broke the kiss, shuddering.  The cool air tingled over my overheated body.  Laura slid her hands down Colleen's body, stroking and stimulating as she dropped to her knees.  Laura kneeled with her back to me, blocking my view.  Then her head began to move back and forth toward Colleen.  It was a short moment before I realized that Laura was sucking on the strap-on and forcing it against Colleen’s clit.  Low moans escaped from my wife’s tight jaws.  It was obvious to me that she was enjoying this as much as I was.
Laura raked her nails down Colleen’s chest and over her own erect nipples.  Colleen shook and writhed, then took her friend's tantalizing hand and pulled Laura up until she was standing again.  My beautiful wife turned her friend toward me and pointed at my painfully hard dick.
“If you really want to suck something worthwhile,” she said.  “I would recommend that heroic item.”
“Mmm,” Laura purred.  “Only if you’re sure he won’t mind.”
I could only groan.
Colleen said, “I don’t think he will.”
Laura slid back to her knees and leaned her warm breasts against my legs.  She took my cock in her hand and, looking into my eyes, licked it.  She enveloped the head with her lips and slowly worked the shaft into her mouth.
I don’t remember if I was able to form coherent words or not.  I could feel the pressure rising in my groin and I was afraid I would cum before the whole show was finished.  Colleen slowed Laura’s action and kneeled behind her.
“Now we will make this real fun,” she said.  First she slid her fingers between Laura’s legs.  “Hmm.  Nice and warm.  Wet too.”  Then she began to slide the strap-on dildo into Laura’s soaking wet pussy.  A moan rose from the depths of Laura's belly that vibrated up and down the shaft of my dick.  I couldn’t help but moan a little, too.
Rhythmically, Colleen began to rock against Laura.  Harder and deeper she pushed.  And as Colleen pushed into Laura, Laura took me deeper into her mouth. Laura’s breath got faster and faster, her breasts smacking against my thighs and her hand holding tighter on to my ass with each fuckstroke from my wife.
All of a sudden, Laura pulled back from my cock and uttered a long low moan, writhing against me and scratching her nails down my legs like a cat sharpening claws.
After Laura had mostly recovered from her shivering orgasm, I heard Colleen whisper to her.  “We’re not finished yet.  There are still two people in this little party who are looking for relief.”  Then she pulled the strap-on out of Laura’s swollen womanhood.
“Climb onto that pole.”  Colleen indicated my still throbbing hard-on.
“Oh, Christ, Colleen,” Laura said.  “That thing is really big compared to the feel-doe.  I don’t know...maybe you should...”
“Not a chance, you’re going to get us both...”
Laura, after a little more convincing from Colleen, moved up into my lap and lowered herself onto my hot swollen member.  She rocked it deep within her, rubbing her breasts against my chest and wrapping her arms around my neck.  Colleen straddled my legs and moved close behind Laura.  I could see one of my wife’s hands in her own lap and the other on Laura’s hip.  Then when Laura rose up for another fuckstoke on my cock, she paused momentarily then slowly slid herself down on my cock and the dildo at the same time, sighing and moaning again.
“God,” she said.  “Up my pussy and up my ass at the same time...”  Then she shivered leaned against me.
She rose and rocked.  I could feel the flexible hardness of the strap-on through the thin tissue separating Laura's vagina and rectum.  The sensation was something I had never even dreamed of.  It was almost as if I was fucking and getting a knuckle-rub on my cock at the same time.
Colleen reached around Laura and fondled her double delights into my face where I managed to lick and suck the nipples into steel-like hardness.  Both women were moaning in time with the rise and fall of the movement.  I realized I was moaning too and felt the electric pressure rising in my groin.  Stars ringed my vision and breath gasped in my lungs.  Ringing in my ears accompanied the first twinges and spasms.  All three of us became swept away by overwhelming orgasms as spurt after spurt of jism rocketed from my straining cock into Laura’s hot wetness.  Colleen's juices mixed into Laura’s and mine and ran onto my legs.  All three of us collapsed against each other, me still tied to the chair; Laura pressed against me and Colleen and her wonderful body against Laura.
I don’t know how long it took, but Colleen was the first one to stir.  She stroked Laura’s hair away from my face and murmured.  “Doug, we aren’t finished with you yet.  There are other things we have in mind for tonight.  And one other thing; I know it will be okay with you, but I wanted you to know.  We're planning the same kind of send-off for Steve when he ships in three weeks.  Okay?”
I have to admit, my wife knows me well. I didn't have a problem with it and Steve, that lucky man, could look forward to a most memorable night with two of the most beautiful, spirited women I have ever known.
  The rest of the night was one amazement after another for me and I slept the next day--most of the first leg of the trip to Iraq.  I'm here now, but I can assure you, this is one happy soldier who knows exactly what he's fighting for and I can't wait to get back home.

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