Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fundraiser Unsuccessful

We are sorry to report that our Kickstarter fundraiser was unsuccessful. We did not reach our goal, which means any backer that pledged funds will not have those funds charged to their accounts. Kickstarter only takes the funds from the backers accounts if the project is successful.

We're not sure what our next step will be. Possibly a chip-in or a Go Fund Me. It will take us time to put together something that we will be comfortable with. If we do a different type of crowdfunding platform, we still want to be able to provide our backers with thank you gifts and, unfortunately, most other fundraiser platforms do not offer perks like Kickstarter does. We will go over our budget and see what we can come up with.
We do want to thank all the backers who believe in us and our novel! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

If anyone is interested in helping out, the Kindle book is available for pre-order on Amazon. Anticipated release date between August 15, and Sept 1st, 2016. The pre-order price is only $.99 After the release of the novel, the price will increase.
The print book is available for pre-sale on the website: with an anticipated release date of Oct 1st, 2016. (Possibly sooner if I know myself. ~Tia) The print paperback will now be released as POD because we wont have the funding to get the full print run. 

The prologue is available on the silken Slipstream website as a free read. Due to the length of the novel, it is not part of the novel but still a great part of the story. We affectionately refer to the prologue as, "How Mikki found her mojo." Please tell your friends!
Failure is not an option. It just means we will have to work harder and find more unique and diverse ways to reach our goal.
Tia Tormen and CK Stone

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