Thursday, June 23, 2016

Book Cover Reveal

After waiting what felt like an extremely long time, here it is, the cover for the novel.  
Hidden Design, the Prophecy
Someone please tell me it's pretty!

Coming soon, the prologue from the novel. We cut it out to reduce the word count. Everyone keeps telling us we should have left it in there. I would rather give it away free to our readers.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Danger for Kindle Unlimited users

With Hidden Design, the Prophecy only a few short months away from the launch date, I'm spending more and more time reading about different venues for marketing and promoting the novel. And of course, Kindle Unlimited seems like a good venue to get the word out there, without the expense of marketing through book promotion sites or spending hundreds of hours sitting behind a computer screen, pimping the novel through social media.

Then today I read this....

"Anyone who follows me closely will know my book was removed from Amazon for almost a fortnight after they registered some unusual activity. At first I was at a loss. What was it, where had it come from? But since I have learnt a terrifying truth behind Kindle Unlimited, it is one all authors need to be aware of. It is a KU scam that could ruin your career and put your money into fraudsters’ pockets.

In this post I will detail my own experience, in hope you know what to look out for.

I was running a book promotion, a push to generate interest in my first book. After approaching blogs and book promotion sites I began to run a 99cents promotion on Darrienia, which at that time was number one in two of its categories. Book two is coming out at the end of the year and, despite it being a stand alone novel, I was aiming to attract more readers in the hope they would want to read the second book. I did what any author would, attempt to get the message out there. It worked, with the 99cents offer I see an increase in sales, but also an increase in KU activity. Brilliant right? Not really."

Continue reading: Authors beware, a new danger for KU authors 

This isn't the only case of KU fraud. According to what I have been reading, this is something that is happening all to often. And then there's the KU scammers that are making money off fake digital KU books. And the scammers that steal digital books, rename them, give them a new cover and sell them as their own. 
I'm starting to wonder if putting out an ebook is a good idea for any author. I have never cared for the new digital age of publishing, and all these incidences just make me like it less.