Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Welcome Back

Perhaps the logistics of this operation aren’t as complicated as those faced by the Baltimore Gun Club a they planned a trip to the moon, or even as tortuous as the organizational trials of an average family with small children making a day trip to the zoo. But trust me, the challenges have been complicated enough.

Tia and I are pulling it together and actually pushing forward with this blog. (Pulling and pushing—lol) Yes, we know this page has been around in some form or another for quite a while. Yes, we thought we were going to make faster, more dramatic progress on different projects we envisioned. Yes, you can still get the prologue for “The Write Lovers” on Amazon for 99 cents. (Maybe we’ll come back to that.) And, yes, we took a long fucking hiatus.

Life has a funny way of making us rethink our aims and goals, dunnit? We have continued to write—at least sporadically. And we pushed forward with a project or two other than ones we originally  conceived. One of the projects we pushed forward with at last, was what you see here. This blog. This electronic billboard for cogent thoughts, insightful conclusions, provocative statements, challenging ideas and, at times, aimless maunderings. Maybe even an erotic story or ten.

We started off in another direction, thought better of it, and came back here. We, that is, Tia   straightened up the place, wiped off the shelves, rehung the pictures and slapped on a fresh coat of paint and here we are.

Tia put together the nuts-and- bolts aspect of this blog, but unless she is inspired, or engaged by an interesting prompt, she really doesn’t write a huge amount. So, probably the lion’s share of the writing will be done by me, with input from her. Just like the technical part of this page was done by her with input from me.

What are we going to do with it? In some ways, that could be up to you folks. I expect we’ll post little vignettes, poems, and more. We have a page for dream interpretation; something she and I find interesting and challenging. There may even be more woo-woo stuff than that. We have a page of links for poems and stories. And we will promote other projects we have in the works. I’m hoping to do some guest blogs in other places and hopefully bring some guest bloggers here.

What will we do now and where will we go from here? Good question. I propose that we go where imagination takes us. Sometimes mundane, sometimes provocative. Tia and I have always had wicked imaginations and I know that any trip directed by them will be interesting, sensual, sweaty, and, I hope as much fun for you as it is for us.