Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tia & CK's Bio's

A Hot Breakfast
From my nerves, my poor stomach is queasy
Since I know that my thoughts may seem sleazy,
 But you seem like a meal:
 A good breakfast deal.
Lots of meat with your legs over easy.
                                 ~By CK. Stone

Tia Tormen is a co-author of Naked in the Light, a photo-art coffee table book and several convoluted photo comic books. Her current work includes the story series, The Write Lovers, written with co-author CK. Stone.
She was raised in Lodi, CA but currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA in an insanity of her own design with her best friend and lover. Her loves include writing, poetry, photography, videography, video editing, graphic design and double chocolate chunk ice cream and firmly believes that life is what you make it.
CK Stone has always been an avid reader and when the stories he read didn’t entertain him, he wrote his own. He writes naughty limericks, short erotic stories and has also written a sexy, urban fantasy novel with Tia Tormen and Dae Russ, which is currently with an agent.
His erotic journey grew out of his passionate adventures with Tia Tormen.  Happily, those show no signs of letting up and he has finally found the courage to exploit the exploitation of his exploits. He is serious about his writing and has the scars of self-flagellation to prove it. Unfortunately for all his seriousness about writing, sometimes the world demands a lot less solemnity.
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